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Non-Contacting Electrostatic Voltmeter


TREK 541-A.jpg

         The Trek Model 541A Electrostatic Voltmeter (pictured at left with the Model 541PR-S probe) provides accurate non-contacting measurements of the electrostatic surface voltage associated with EOS/ESD processes. The instrument is configured with a miniature electrostatic field chopper probe that can be remotely located and easily positioned within process equipment to provide highly accurate, non-contacting, DC-stable, spacing-independent voltage measurements in either ionized or non-ionized environments. A 20x4 alphanumeric LCD screen displays the present measured voltage, the positive peak voltage, the negative peak voltage and additional menu information.


Key Specifications:

  • Measurement Range

- Model 541A-1: ±1 kV DC or peak AC
- Model 541A-2: ±100 V DC or peak AC

  • Measurement Accuracy: Better than ±1% of full scale over a probe-to-surface separation of 2.5 mm ± 1mm
  • Alphanumeric LCD Display: 20 x 4 characters

Typical Applications Include:                                                                           
- Semiconductor
- Electronic assembly
- ESD-sensitive processes

Walking Test Adapter


Optional Walking Test Adapter
kits for the Model 541A allow
analysis of charge levels
accumulated on the human body
per compliance with ANSI/ESD
STM97.2. and IEC Standard

Features and Benefits:

- Chopper probe is DC-stable with or without incident air ion flow
- Drift-free measurements
- LCD screen displays present voltage and holds the most positive and negative values
- Visual and audible alarms activate when the preset voltage threshold levels are reached
- Voltage output monitor for remote monitoring or control
- USB and RS-232 serial ports
- NIST-traceable Certificate of Calibration provided with each unit
- CE compliant
- Optional Walking Test Adapter kits available

Download: Data Sheet