11 AWFF-9DLS-A Kit
Zero Charge ESD Testers & Meters
Wrist strap, Heel Strap Measuring Systems, Resistance Checkers and Field meters
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Zero Charge™

Wall-mounted ESD Safety Personnel Entry Control System with Magnetic Lock Kit


The system is complete and ready for quick installation by anyone. Only an electric drill and a screwdriver are required to install it. The package includes all necessary hardware.

The complete system includes

  • AWFF-9DLS-A One touch Wrist strap and Dual Footwear Test Station with a relay for the door lock. This includes the following:

          - AR-9DL-A One touch Wrist strap and Dual Footwear tester

          - AWN-9-2 wall-mounted plate with test instructions and connecting wire

          - A-FP2 Dual Foot plate

  • Wall mounted Exit Pushbutton P/N 32879
  • Magnetic Door Lock (600Ib or 280Kg) P/N 32882
  • Set of mounting brackets (Z and L) to conveniently mount the magnetic lock P/N 32883
  • 12V DC power supply/controller to connect Exit pushbutton to the 120V power outlet P/N 32911
  • Connecting cables set P/N 32908 includes

          - 2 wire cable to connect ASFF-9DLS with the controller (30ft-10m) P/N 32880         

          - Cable to connect Exit Pushbutton with Power supply/Controller (10ft-3m) P/N 32881

          - Cable to connect Magnetic Door Lock with the power supply (20ft-6m) P/N 32903

32879.png 32882 and 32883.jpg 32911.png 32908.png
P/N 32879 P/N 32882 and P/N 32883 P/N 32911 P/N 32908 (connecting cables set)